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Full Mouth Reconstruction

full mouth reconstructionA full mouth reconstruction is the process of rebuilding and restoring all of a patient’s teeth. Multiple specialists, in addition to our Beverly Hills full mouth reconstruction expert, may be required in order to get the desired results such as a restorative dentist to prepare crowns, a periodontist to heal the gums, an orthodontist to realign the teeth, and an endodontist to treat the tooth pulp.

You should see our expert in full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills if you have:

• Teeth that have been lost due to damage or decay
• Teeth that have become severely worn due to teeth grinding or excess erosion
• Teeth that have been injured or fractured
• Pain in the jaw or head that is a result of a misaligned bite

Full Mouth Reconstruction Beverly Hills

If you suffer from any severe symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay, schedule a consultation with our Beverly Hills full mouth reconstruction expert who can give you a thorough dental examination to determine the extent of the damage. The treatments necessary for you will depend on which issues need to be addressed.

The condition of your teeth will determine if you only require cosmetic fixes or something more invasive needs to be done. Teeth that have suffered stains from food or tobacco can be whitened fairly easily, but teeth that have intrinsic stains or teeth that have chips, cracks, or fractures may need to be restored with veneers, bridges, or crowns.

Our expert in full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills will also need to examine your gums to determine if they suffer from anything. If you suffer from a mild case of periodontal disease, our dentist may perform a scaling and root planing to remove any bacteria that is hiding below the gum line. If you require more intensive treatments, our dentist can recommend the best surgical procedure for you.

You should inform your dentist if you experience any pain when you bite down or speak as this can indicate a problem with your temporomandibular joint. Orthodontic treatment will be necessary in order to correct the alignment of your teeth and prevent any further problems from occurring. If you have noticed multiple issues with your oral health, contact our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills.